Week 8, part 2

The main entrance to the Osnabruck Bahnhof and some of its detail.

Tuesday was our day to get to Holland, where we'd spend three nights and two days. To get there from Bremen we had to change trains in the crossroads town of Osnaburck. Rather than spend eight consecutive hours on trains, we decided to schedule a two-hour layover in Osnabruck in order to break up the trip. Our hope was to have lunch and make a couple of phone calls during what would be early morning at home. After walking for half an hour toward what looked like the center of the city, we couldn't find any place to eat, so we went back to the Bahnhof and ate there. Osnabruck was a town that left us largely unimpressed.

The bicycle lanes are clearly marked at this intersection in Osnabruck.

We thought the cat-eyes were a nice touch on this building. It turned out that they were for a porno shop.

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