Transportation Liberation Road Show
"The program is not about making us feel guilty or grouchy... You leave the show feeling positive and capable of doing great things."
      -- Bob Treu, The Second Supper (page 6)

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Transportation Liberation, as presented at the
"Towards Carfree Cities" conference in Portland, OR, June 2008,
can be viewed here.

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Car-free living is a lifestyle choice that yields abundant rewards: freedom from the economic burdens of personal motorized transportation, improved physical and emotional well-being, reduced noise and pollution, and traffic structures that are gentler on the land and its citizens. Communities are brought closer together as people increasingly interact face-to-face, rather than from within steel shells. Liberation from private motorized transportation makes us a richer, healthier, happier people living in cleaner, quieter, friendlier neighborhoods.

In this multimedia workshop, Obbie and RoZ describe the steps on their trail toward Transportation Liberation, and discuss a multitude of pragmatic ideas on how to make driving optional. The program is punctuated by personal narratives (including sights and sounds) of good and bad transportation methods witnessed during extensive research in North America and Europe.

During ten years as a travelling campaigner for sustainable lifestyles, Obbie learned about transportation by experiencing nearly every major American city as a driver, bicyclist, and transit rider. Since RoZ joined him in 1993, they've sworn off car-dependece and have been car-free since 2003. They are based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where they are outspoken advocates for the rights of bicyclists and pedestrians, and for the types of community design that make car-free living both possible and pleasant.

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