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Why I'm Voting for Kucinich
February 9, 2004

As the Democratic presidential primary campaign heats up, the corporate empire and its media mouthpieces seem determined to steer us toward "electable" (read: corporate) candidates. But we cannot squander our only opportunity to stand up for what we want, rather than rubber-stamp what we're willing to accept.

I believe Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate still in the race who represents the interests that once defined the Democratic party: everyday working people, not the monied elites.

He wants to return prosperity and dignity to family farming, and would rescind the trade agreements that are bringing third-world wages to America. He believes in universal health care, civil liberties, a living wage and a clean environment.

He was sharply critical of the Bush regime and its warmongering policies long before such criticism was fashionable.

The anointed "front-runner" voted for the Iraq war, the "Patriot" act, NAFTA and the WTO. In spite of all these flaws, he looks like a saint next to the squatter now in the White House. So I will probably hold my nose and vote for the Democrat in November.

But to vote for such a flawed candidate in a primary is an endorsement of his flawed policies. Primaries are a time to stand up and be heard as the party builds its platform. We will not influence the course of the Democratic party nor of the country if we simply jump on the bandwagon like a bunch of lemmings.

The Democrats learned a painful lesson in 2000: that they cannot dismiss and ignore progressives. A vote for Kucinich is our best chance to show the party bosses how many of us there are; because even a small number is a number too big to be ignored. by anyone ever again.

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