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Nader Campaign Offers Real Choices
August 14, 2000

Last week, Riverside park was turned into an elaborately and meticulously designed outdoor TV studio, where Al Gore and Joe Lieberman staged a rally for the benefit of the news cameras. The thousand of people in attendance were unpaid extras.

The colossal expense of a rally such as this should erase any doubt as to the corporate sponsorship of major political campaigns. That kind of money does not come from ordinary working people like you or me. Whether it’s Gush or Bore who gets elected, they’ll remember who signed those big checks, and the rest of us can expect business as usual.

Although they differ on a handful of specific issues, there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats on a fundamental day-to-day level. It’s as if, on election day, we went to the market looking for fresh organic apple juice, only to find nothing but Coke and Pepsi. One’s different from the other, but they’re both, in essence, the same crap we’ve been fed for years.

Except this year, we have something that may not be perfect, but it’s really close to what we’re looking for. That is the Green Party and Ralph Nader. Only Nader has truly represented the concerns of common working Americans on such issues as deregulation, globalization, corporate welfare, and the environment.

The cream of the booming economy has risen to the top to be skimmed off by the ever-consolidating business elite, while less and less trickles down to the rest of us. Families of my generation must work two jobs to maintain the standard of living that one job supported in our parents’ generation. Ralph Nader is the only candidate addressing these important and overlooked issues.

Many people who prefer Nader are voting for Gore to “keep Bush from getting elected.” If everyone who felt that way actually voted for Nader, he’d probably win. We must remember that the lesser of two evils is still evil.

The fact is that many Nader voters would otherwise be non-voters. Ralph Nader gives us someone to vote FOR, without holding our noses.

Thomas Jefferson once said that a little revolution once in a while would be good for the country. The time is getting ripe. The people of this nation are sick and tired of being exploited and manipulated by the greedy lords of the corporate world.

Ralph Nader is big business’ worst enemy, which is precisely why he must be elected President of the United States.

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