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#502... Turning Dirt into Food
Released April 8, 2005
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Organic Farming
We circulate with the largest gathering of organic farmers in North America. Conversation turns to the meaning of "organic", genetically modified organisms, and other issues facing the organic community.
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services

Family Farm Defenders

Peace Coffee

Alternative Farming Systems Info. Center
  Turning Dirt into Food
We get advice from a gardening expert on what a beginner can do to turn dirt, dead grass and leaves, and kitchen scraps into fresh organic produce.
  News of the Week...
We talk about the Millenium Ecological Assessment... 1300 scientists from 95 countries spent four years researching a massive scientific paper that says what most of our listeners already know: that the planet's ability to sustain life in the future cannot be taken for granted, and that a radical change in outlook and attitude is necessary to reverse this course.

Some of today's news came from The Progressive Foundation
Millenium Ecosystem Assessment web site

Living Beyond our Means....
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Lovers Of Light Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2: Release
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Moby Play
Home Grown Neil Young American Stars and Bars
The Garden Of Zephirus Dead Can Dance A Passage In Time
Swing Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit Mirrors of Embarrassment
Cheeseballs In Cowtown Bla Fleck Tales From The Acoustic Planet
Hoedown! Yo-yo Ma & Bobby McFerrin Hush
Vee Dee Vu Trancemission Trance Misson
The Way-Out Les Hommes Les Hommes (ESL056)
Street Music Dr. Didg Out Of The Woods
Home On The Strange R. Carlos Nakai Quartet Ancient Future
Jungle Madness Martin Denny Ultra-Lounge, Volume 01: Mondo Exotica
Journey of The Warrior (The Funky Shaman's Mix) Tulku Planet Rave Vol. 1
Milk Cow Blues Willie Nelson Milk Cow Blues
Milk Cow Blues Asleep At The Wheel Ride With Bob
Bob's Breakdowns Asleep At The Wheel Ride With Bob
12-12 Medicine Drum Supernature
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