Week 1, part 3

RoZ pauses on the walkway along the River Avon in Bath.

A musician plays a wooden flute for passers-by on a tiny lane in Bath.

The Bath Abbey and the plaza.

RoZ checks out an English garden in a park in Bath.

Tuesday was a day to rest and to entertain Gloria's dogs. Wednesday morning we stuffed everything into our packs and headed out to the countryside. Unlike our western oddyzee, where we almost never stayed in the same place more than one night, our plan for this trip is to stay 2-4 nights in a base from which we will take day trips to the surrounding area. Our first such destination was Bath. This resort town in southwestern England was the site of baths in Roman times, and it was more-or-less abandoned by everyone but monks until the Georgian era (17th century). Most of the present city was built during this period. We almost got tired of looking at limestone buildings with grand columns. We were also afforded a chance to visit some specimins of English gardens as they looked in that era.

Erected in Loyalty and Love
by the women of Bath 1901

This is the Guild Hall in central Bath. The part of the picture within the purple circle is magnified in the top photo.

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