Week 5, part 5

At the midpoint of our trip on the Glacier Express, we picked up the dining car from the train going the other way.

White cliffs tower over the gorge at the source of the Rhine.

After a couple of hours, we stopped to add some cars. As soon as the dining car was firmly attached to the front of the train, the steward came marching through the train announcing that it was open for business. Looking for the full Glacier Express experience, we went to the dining car. We had been warned that Swiss food is nothing to write home about, so we won't. Given a chance to do this train again, we'd probably skip the dining car, as the food was rather ordinary for the extremely high price. It was also hard to pay attention to our food while trying to photograph the endless parade of mountain scenery. During our meal RoZ had to make a trip to the other end of the car while the German-speaking Italian steward was chatting it up with other customers, and she nearly got clobbered as she tried to sneak past him while his arms were flailing about.

It was 4:30 by the time we got to our next connection in Chur. All of our scheduled connections that day were impressively tight ... too tight. We needed a break from being on trains, so we took a one-hour break in Chur and walked about a bit while the sun went down. We found ourselves in a charming Swiss graveyard, and admired the intense gardening work done on the graves, which were arranged in tightly packed rows. When the next train for Basel came by, we got on and did some more writing while riding through the night. We had about a 10 minute stop in Zurich, but we did not know that then, otherwise we might have gotten off long enough to go out the front door and look around.

The interior of the dining car is reflected off the window as the Glacier Express passes a glacial lake.

RoZ walks between the rows of graves in a well-decorated Swiss cemetary.

As our day ended in Chur, vapor trails add to the geometry of the sunset skyscape.

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