A Different Reality
September 10, 2005

4) The Hope

Right now there are at least a hundred thousand people who will never forget being forgotten this way. They have become a twentifirst-century diaspora, fanning out to communities in big cities and small towns all over America. The kids will be going to school in their places of exile, and they'll be telling their stories to their new classmates. At bus stops, water coolers, lunch rooms, church basements, and all the other places that people interact; the citizens of New Orleans will meet the rest of America, and stories will be passed on.

I derive great hope from this hopefully temporary dispersal of the citizens of New Orleans. As more and more people meet survivors of Katrina, the lies, propaganda, and BS of this insensitive, incompetent and criminally negligent gang of thugs running the country will be exposed by those with first-hand experience. The nation's tolerance for this evil cabal will run out., and we may even see the beginning of a new progressive movement growing in this country.

From the point of view of one who wants to see a sustainable world, there are a few other good things that will come from this tragedy.

People all over the world are witnessing the plight of those left behind in New Orleans, and they are pondering what they would do if faced with a similar situation. These thoughts are motivating people to plan and prepare in ways they haven't considered before.

We have learned that electricity, running water, mobility, telephones and other tools of communication, and a lot of other important things must not be taken for granted. In future disasters, more people will be better prepared with emergency supplies of water, food, and fuel. Household evacuation plans will be more well thought-out. And I predict a huge influx of students for everything from swimming lessons to survival training.

People are learning new techniques for dealing with crisis. Hospital workers, rescuers, logistical coordinators, and many other professional classes are being presented with situations that aren't in their training manuals, and they are improvising solutions. A lot will be learned from these improvisations as they are studied and improved upon in the years to come.

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