A Different Reality
September 10, 2005

6) Impeachment

As New Orleans gets rebuilt, how do we as Americans deal with repairing and rebuilding our government? It's obvious that America is suffering due to the insensitivity, indifference and incompetence of this crew of swindlers, liars and looters that are in charge right now. These people work for US, and they must be FIRED and fired SOON, before they do any more damage. The entire executive branch of government needs to be flushed out and sucked clean like a New Orleans porta-potty.

As citizens, it is our duty to demand of every senator and congressperson that the occupants of the White House be impeached - that's the constitutional word for 'fired' - and if they don't, we have to fire THEM and elect someone who WILL throw these thieving bastards - not onto the street - but into the darkest and coldest of jails where they belong. These people have committed war crimes and high treason, and only by making things right again can America regain honor and respect from the rest of the world.

So let's rattle our legislators' cages. At every appearance by a congressman or senator, there must be repeated and instistent calls for impeachment. This is a democracy, and they work for us. We must make our demands loud and clear.

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